Are Real Dolls worth buying?

You may know these before you buying real dolls

Are Real Dolls worth buying?

If an individual wants a real doll, (and there are reasons other than sexual to want a real doll, artists use them as models), then having a doll would be a good idea.

sex doll

Ultimately, if someone is in a place where it seems like a good idea to have an emotional and physical relationship with an inanimate object, it stands to reason that could only be because the same relationship with a person is not possible for whatever reason.

In that case, I'd say, go for it.

I personally might find it a little odd, but I'm not going to throw any stones. We should all allow people to live their lives in whatever manner suits them, so long as nobody is harmed by that.

So I'd say, if a real doll is going to do it for you, then the money isn't so much really, for the sophistication of what you will receive. Actually, sometimes when I'm dealing with some guys shit, I have been known to think, "oh for something a bit more uncomplicated". But personally, I'd pick up a vibrator at that point.

However, is it really so different, or is it just different in degree? I have to say, I've never had a conversation with a vibrator. But there's always a first time for everything, lol.

sex doll

If you watch the documentary about guys who buy these dolls, you find that (most of) these guys have pretty much given up on jumping into the gene pool. Their understandings of women are so messed up now that they can't have a real relationship any more and having this pretend fantasy relationship with a thing is so much easier for them.

One could argue that these men were uncomfortable with women before they got the doll, but having a doll keeps these guys from even trying.

I think the damage that real dolls can bring to the man is a price no one should be willing to pay.

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