Boy Toy Doll Dark Sky Sex Pics

Sex Toy BT3 Celestial – “Dark Sky” Hot Pics

Boy Toy Doll Dark Sky Sex Pics

Sky ("Dark Sky")

(Boy Toy BT3 Celestial Series - Config. 2)

 sex doll

Face: Sky

Body: 3 (Includes Gel Implant in Buttocks)

Skin tone: Medium

Eye color: Absynthe (Hi-Realism Eyes)

Eye Makeup: Custom

Wig color & style: Long, Black w/ Pink clip-in

Lip color: Custom

Fingernails: French Manicure

Nipple Size: Puffy

Gel Implants in Buttocks: YES

Height: 4'10"

Weight: under 60lb

Measurements: 32 - 22 - 32

Clothing sizes: XXS - S

Shoe size: 5

Bra Size: 32B-32C

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 32x18x20 (Shipping Dimensions)

Piercings: 11 Piercings in total. Includes:

From the neck down:

-1 clitoris piercing

-1 belly button piercing

-2 nipple piercings

From the neck up:

-1 lip piercing (on the side of her lower lip)

-1 nose piercing

-2 "plug" or "gauge" piercings (ears) size zero

-2 regular ear piercings (behind the plugs)

-1 "industrial" piercing (ear cartilidge)

Special Features: Closing Eyes (patent pending), Gel Implant in Buttocks, Piercings (optional).

sex doll

Dark Sky's BIg Boobs

big boobs

Lets Fucking, I'm Hot

sex doll

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