Boy Toy Doll Solana Sex Pics

Sex Toy Solana Hot Pics

Boy Toy Doll Solana Sex Pics

 Solana (Boy Toy Doll) Config. 1


(Boy Toy BT4 Celestial Series - Config. 1)

Face: Solana

Body: 4 (Includes Gel Implants in Buttocks)

Skin tone: Light Tan

Freckles: Face & Body

Eye color: Brown

Closing eyes: Yes

Eye Makeup: Smokey (Custom)

Wig color & style: Blonde, Custom

Lip color: Rose Pink (Custom)

Fingernails: French Manicure

Nipples: Standard 1 + Brown

Gel Implants in Buttocks: Yes

Height: 4'10"

Weight: under 70lb

Measurements: 32 - 22 - 36 Bra size 32DD

Clothing sizes: XXS - S

Shoe size: 5

Bra Size: 32B-32C

Special Features: Full head design with deep mouth insert. Advanced weight reduction throughout body. 2nd generation including new features and

skeletal refinements for improved positioning (hips/shoulders).

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 60x30x11 

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Solana Big boobs
big boobs
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Spanking Sex
spanking sex

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